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Ordinary Xerosis (dry skin) is usually not a serious condition.  It can however be bothersome and unsightly at times. Most dry skin conditions are a cause of the environment/weather that can be wholly or partially controlled.  Avoiding harsh soaps and using moisturizers will usually help alleviate the problem. 

Body Bueno offers an extensive line of moisturizers and lotions.  A lotion is a light emulsion designed specifically to be absorbed quickly by the skin leaving it satiny smooth.  It is ideal for hands and the entire body, after bathing, swimming or just for extra moisture.  A moisturizer is our more concentrated - thicker and richer - emulsion for very dry, even chapped skin, used in arid climates and during winter use of heaters and extra hot showers.  Consider these our “creams in a bottle”.  They are exceptionally effective and work wonders on dehydrated skin.

Oils and moisturizing ingredients have specific roles in these emulsion formulas.  Oils, such as vegetable and mineral, act as surface barriers to prevent water evaporation.  Oils have limited absorption capability. Contrary to popular belief, they cannot be used by the human body as moisturizers.  Moisturizing ingredients such as lecithin, cholesterol and lanolin are fatty substances, which act like the skin’s natural sebum to hold water in the skin cells and hold the cells together.  We use lanolin derivatives and cholesterol, which have been cleaned and refined from the lanolin extracted from wool after shearing.  Lecithin is commercially derived from beans. 

Many of our formulas also contain humectant moisturizers, which attract moisture in humid environments.  Glycerin is the most widely recognized humectant moisturizer.  However, products with humectant moisturizers are not recommended for use in low humidity areas, as those environment’s low moisture content can cause loss of moisture from the skin into the dry air.

Vitamins A,D and E are included in many of our formulations because they are the major vitamins the skin can use externally.  Tests have shown that only small amounts of vitamins can be absorbed by the skin at any given time.  Therefore, it is most beneficial to apply small amounts more frequently rather than larger concentrations occasionally.  Most research has been focused on Vitamin E, which is nature’s anti-oxidant working to prevent the build-up of toxic substances.  Aging is an oxidative process and since Vitamin E prevents oxidation it may slow the skin’s aging process.  Vitamins A and D are nourishing and essential to human health.

A valid or meaningful pH cannot be taken on a substance with a low water content, so we do not give pH for our lotions or moisturizers.

Body Bueno's line of lotions and moisturizers is comprehensive and can be purchased in any of our scents. The products described below are just a small sampling; for a full listing, descriptions, and pricing, see the Moisturizers and Lotions section of our catalogue.

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