Scent Descriptions

A Scent for Everyone

Martha’s Body Bueno offers an extensive line of scents that contain no alcohol. These scents can be used alone or in a nearly unlimited number of combinations – which you can tailor to fit your individual desire! Enjoy the scents that make sense for your lotions, shampoos, bubble baths, oils, and other Martha’s Body Bueno products!

(“E”) = Natural Essential Oil


ALMOND – sharp & invigorating; very strong
AMBER (dark) – oriental family of rich exotics
AMBERGRIS – deep but soft blend
BLOOD ORANGE – deep orange citrus
CEDAR (“E”) – tart, fresh green; from Placitas, NM
CHINA MUSK – soft/musky/floral
CHINA RAIN – floral/musk/wood
CINNAMON – spicy/sweet
CITRON – sophisticated citrus, more masculine
CLOVE – spicy classic; mix with cinnamon for the holidays
COCONUT – classic
CUCUMBER – crisp & green, refreshing (try blending with Honeydew)
EUCALYPTUS (“E”) – sharply stimulating
FIG – green/accented with cassis
FOREST ROSE – blend of soft Sandalwood, light Musk, & Rose
FRANGIPANI – tropical floral
FRANKINCENSE – calming & meditative soft scent
FREESIA – old world floral
GARDENIA – classic / traditionally strong
GRAPEFRUIT (“E”) – ruby red citrus mood enhancer
GREEN TEA – spicy/green
HONEYDEW – fresh & fruity, mixes well with Cucumber
HONEYSUCKLE – clarified; right from the vine
HONEY VANILLA – wild & sweet
ILLUSION – baby-powder-soft & slightly sweet
JASMINE – exotic & familiar strong floral
LAVENDER (“E”) – botanical floral, relaxing & calming
LEMONGRASS GINGER – grassy citrus, spicy
LEMON VERBENA – bright & cleansing, invigorating
LIGHT MUSK-soft/subtle/clean (too light for scenting most products)
LILAC – classic
LOTUS BLOSSOM – distinctive deep floral
MAUI GINGER-warm, spicy, hint of sweet
MUGUET – French white Lilly of the Valley
MYRRH – warm, rich, spicy oriental
NAG CHAMPA – just like the incense!
OPIANA – softer version of Opium
OPIUM – spicy, woody, sexy; YSL type
ORANGE BLOSSOM – fruity/floral
PATCHOULI (“E”) – earthy, aphrodisiac; useful in blends
PEAR – juicy blend with a touch of leafy green florals
PEPPERMINT (“E”) -essential classic with many uses
PIKAKI – tropical floral with tuberose & fresh greens
POMEGRANATE – fresh/fruity blend with citrus & musk
RAIN – green & clean; musk & woodsy undertones
SANDALWOOD – strong classic
INDI SANDALWOOD – much softer version; very light
ROSE – classic / traditional
ROSEMARY (“E”) – penetrating, woody undertones
SAGE – green, fresh, herbaceous
SEA MIST – not quite like being on the beach; light
STRAWBERRY – mouthwatering
SWEET EGYPTIAN MUSK – soft, subtle, exotic
VANILLA – spicy sweet bean
WATER LILLY – fresh, green, soft
WHITE TEA – clean blend with florals & amber
WILD HONEY- so real you can almost taste it
WISTERIA – floral scent of spring
YLANG YLANG – aphrodisiac/strong floral, exotic